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Company Profile

Cloudtech HQ is an independent Live Video Streaming Technology company.

Live Video Streaming means taking media and broadcasting it live over the Internet, as opposed to say radio or television live broadcasting.

The process involves;

  • a camera to capture the live video/audio
  • an encoder to digitize the live content
  • a content delivery network, or in our case, an internet Cloud, to deliver the live content.
  • and a website where the live streams are made available to viewers

The live stream can be viewed by viewers on any device, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Live Video Streaming is one of the most exciting developments in internet technology today, and Cloudtech HQ is at the leading edge of this new wave with it's proprietary technologies. 

The company is now moving into a sales and licensing phase, where it will be publishing a major new live music website, as well as distributing its technology under license to third parties.

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